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ACM can assist Australian Christian artists in getting tax-deductibility for their projects.

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Australian Christian Multimedia exists to
promote Australian culture from a Christian perspective

Australian Christian Multimedia exists to promote the arts and the work of local artists.

In 10 years, over $500,000 has been donated via ACM to projects such as films, television, books, music CD’s, and art exhibitions. We are particularly interested in any projects with Australian Christians as part of their creative core.
Send us the information about your project. We need to approve that it fits with our charter in order to be eligible for tax-deductibility. We look after all donation receipts and government/tax reporting.
Donations can be accepted almost immediately. All credit-card donations are processed together monthly and distributed to your nominated bank account.
Anywhere between 0-10% of donations received through us for your project. We have two different methods.