How We Can Help You

What’s the Big Deal?

Christian creative projects often are desperate for funding, which is why we love to be able to offer some practical assistance.

Clearly being able to offer tax-deductibility is a nice incentive for people to donate to a project, or perhaps donate more than they would have otherwise.
Furthermore, some organisations will only donate money to a project or organisation that has DGR (Deductible Gift Register) status, which Australian Christian Multimedia has. Often grant monies will only be given this way too.

How does partnering work?

Send us the information about your project (see below). We need to approve that it fits with our charter in order to be eligible for tax-deductibility. We will endeavour to give you an answer within 2 weeks of your application. Donations can be accepted almost immediately. If coming from multiple sources, we use a facility that keeps the donations for your project separate from other monies. We look after all donation receipts and government/tax reporting.

How do I get access to the donations?

All credit-card donations are processed together monthly and distributed to your nominated bank account. Cheque or cash donations can be processed and passed on quicker than that if necessary. Alternatively you may choose to keep the money in our account and get us to pay your bills for you! See below as to why you might choose to do this.

What does it cost to partner with ACM?

Anywhere between 0–10% of donations received through us for your project.
Because we are in a position to claim back the GST paid on invoices related to projects, ACM can potentially pay your bills for you, claim the GST back ourselves and charge you nothing at all! This method is offered only if you have relatively small number of expenses and they are such that attract GST in the first place. So while not for everyone, is a brilliant no-cost solution for application, and is win-win all round!
Alternatively we pass on to you all donations received for your project minus 10%. This is kept for the basic running of the facility, the tax reporting, receipting, bank administration and so on.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or to get started.

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